Unravelling the Wisdom ofVulnerability

My Body, My Sex, My Heart

This event has been postponed until further notice.... ​

An experiential and life affirming event for all women

Do you ever feel as though you aren't expressing yourself fully? Do you want to be more authentically in touch with your own radiance?  Do you wish to connect with other women in a safe and held space? Are you seeking more depth and understanding of the way you show up for yourself and in relationship?


In this gentle, powerful and ultimately connecting event we will be exploring the wisdom of vulnerability, discover ways to create deeper compassion, empathy, trust and understanding. Discover ways to show up exactly as you are and learn how to meet others in that way too. We will learn how to meet each other as our intimate selves. We will be exploring mindfully using techniques that help us to see ourselves and others more fully and clearly around our chosen theme, which this season is:


My Body, My Sex, My Heart. 

Held in the intentionally created warmth of The Temple of Love, you are invited to explore, play, relax, share whilst finding new ways to return home to the hearth of your own vulnerable yet infinitely powerful heart.

This Event is created and facilitated by Emma Gatsby, Emma is a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Educator, a Sexual Somatic Bodyworker, a Trauma Informed Intimacy Coach, a Tantrica , a Mother, a Doula, a Writer, a Celebrant and Workshop Facilitator and the creator of The Temple of Love. In this workshop Emma will be bringing her gifts as well as her skills from working during the last 2 decades within these fields.


Emma is an International workshop facilitator who has trained to facilitate Zegg Forum with Master Teacher and Language of Compassion Expert Kelly Bryson. Bringing this Tribal Technology to communities she has encounter on her many travels and adventures in learning. This tool for transparency has been one of the highlight of her many years of study with experts in their fields of Intimacy, Sexuality and Advaita Vedanta ( thats Yoga to most of us) Tantra and also Womb Ecology. We will have a chance to experience the value and magic of this Forum during this workshop alongside processes designed to awaken the intimacy you have for yourself, within yourself.

The Investment for this 5 hours of unravelling and learning together will be 120. There is currently a 20% discount for Emmas Coaching Clients (now and previous) and also for women who have attended this workshop previously. Follow the link on this event to book and then please leave your name and email address upon booking to receive full information for the evening.
Here's what Kate had to say: "Being part of Emma's workshop allowed me to see how much we hold back our inner truths. Under her skillful guidance we all so slowly unravelled and shared those truths, a sometimes painful but rewarding and enlightening experience"
Number are strictly limited to 16 so Booking is essential - for mobile view please scroll to bottom of page for booking buttons...note a conversion to US Dollars will happen upon booking. If you want to pay by direct transfer then please email to lovestartemple@gmail.com

Not available for booking currently, please be patient

Here are more words about Emma from Cloe Jackson of The Dancing Universe www.thedancinguniverse.com

"Emma Gatsby is a beautiful compelling woman. Her presence alone is enough to guide you into the depths of yourself. Emma holds a safe space full of integrity, trust and empowerment. She has a innate way of using, sound, touch, life experience, love and deep listening to clearly allow you to see the roots of your needs and get to core truths. Her direct connection to source is inspiring and brings about instant transformation and powerful revelation in others. Her high standards of integrity that she lives by and embodies are a blessing to all that meet the reflection of such honest living. Emma’s gift of clear communication and her deliverance of such open honest truth is offered with passion, complete compassion and love. The twinkle in her eye invites you to be courageous, ultimately truthful, and playful in order for you to live and shine in your full power. Her singing voice is a taste of pure raw heaven and the words of life lived poetry that flow through her are a divine addition to the tapestry of life. Emma continues her adventurous life with courag
e and honour."
Here is some info on Zegg Forum :

ZEGG Forum has evolved out of a process of trial and error over more than two decades as an artistic way to create essential transparency within communities.

ZEGG Forum was cultivated as a Tribal Technology and as a growing tool for a community to establish an effective system of communication that largely determines the level of trust that the individuals hold for one another. If communication channels within a community are opaque then mistrust will arise in the form of gossip, backbiting, cliques and power struggles. Building real and lasting trust in a community therefore requires the group to find a way to ensure continual transparency about what is going on around the key areas of life i.e. sex, love, money and power.

The Forum process creates a ‘protected’ stage on which each individual can feel safe enough to reveal their truest motives, feeling and thoughts behind their words and actions. During this powerful and dynamic process the community is given the opportunity to really see each other and discover what the community truly needs.

ZEGG Forum isn’t described as a healing modality, neither is it therapy. It is to reveal rather than resolve. The process is however a healing that this planet and its inhabitants require at a time of personal and interpersonal transformation. The most significant purpose of the Forum is to serve and express what is Alive, True and Beautiful.