Have you experienced Trauma of any kind?  



Study results now reveal that participation in trauma-informed gentle yoga leads to a significant reduction in symptoms of post-traumatic stress and the dissociative effects of trauma. Yoga's ability to touch us on every level of our being—physical mental, emotional, and spiritual—makes it a powerful and effective modality for trauma victims. Most experts agree that trauma’s effects live in the body—and that’s why yoga works. Yoga mitigates the fight-or-flight response through a combination of active asanas, pranayama, and deep relaxation.


Yoga that is specifically designed for victims of trauma has numerous modifications when compared with traditional yoga teaching. The effects of trauma can be physical, mental and emotional. Therefore "body-mind" interventions, like yoga, are able to uniquely address them. Regulated breathing, for example, calms the parasympathetic nervous system Practicing staying in the moment counteracts some of the dissociative effects of trauma. And the physical activity of yoga, of course, can directly improve health that may have been effected by all kinds of Trauma.


As an experienced Trauma Informed Yoga Educator and Workshop Facilitator, Emma Gatsby will guide you gently to come into your body no matter what your previous ability, yoga knowledge or current discomfort level. Utilising a wide range of yogic practices and The Language of Compassion Emma will use her expertise to help you find a degree of safety in your body and teach you many valuable skills for regulating symptoms, therefore improving daily life, overall wellness and ultimately joy.

These sessions will be slowly paced and mindfully delivered with a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that the needs of the individual are met as we progress through the sessions. The sessions will be therapeutic in this context as we build on our work very mindfully together.


Cost:  £120 per block of 6 Sessions

Day and Time:  Tuesdays @ 9:30am and Wednesdays @ 3.30pm

Venue: 36 Lye Valley Headington, OX3 7ER ( this is Emma's home studio )

Bookings: Available now, to book contact Emma Gatsby directly on 07880 239332 or thetempleoflovers@gmail.com