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Have you found the ideal Celebrant for your Wedding?

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

You may spend months preparing for your big day, taking time to carefully select the perfect venue, the one that will have enough space and the right kind of splendour to impress your guests and make them feel part of something special. Brides, you'll no doubt spend large amount of time, with your bridesmaids and a glass of wine, or your ever-so-caring mother (and a bit more wine) hunting for and trying on the perfect wedding dress, you know...the one that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. You probably will spend a fair bit of time thinking about your invitation stationary, making sure it fits your style... But how much thought do you extend into who you are going to choose as your Celebrant, and why them and not someone else?

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Celebrant for you and helpful questions to ask of yourself and of them.

Remember Celebrants can have experience in a number of 'types' of ceremonies, and it's good to consider if they would be a fit for your culture and values. If you arent sure maybe consider other meaningful times in your life and note what made those events special for you. What is it that your Celebrant has to offer that can help you meet your needs.

How open are they to working with any the requirements you may have. Is there something that you'd like to include in your ceremony that feels a little out of the box? Do they flinch at your ideas or seem excited to meet you there. Even better, are they excited to share ideas with you that you didn't even realise were feesible.

Do they possess great listening skills and are you feeling heard? Combining lives in the adventures of wedlock or civil partnership is a massive deal. If your celebrant misses the point or gets something wrong you'll be hugely disappointed when you come to read your ceremony draught. You'll know if they are really hearing you if they keep asking questions and checking in with you along the way.

What creative skills do they possess and do they consider themselves as someone who can truly express your wishes, desires and values in well scripted and meaningful words. Ask them to give you examples of previous ceremonies they have written and show testimonials that prove they have to tools to deliver for you.

How confident do they seem at holding space for you? Do they have other life skills and experience that means they are confident enough to be clear and directive space holders. Do you feel immediately safe with them? Do you feel relaxed, this is something you are gong to need as you step into what is ultimately a powerful and usually moving environment.

These are just a few considerations that will make your selection more thorough. Getting the right Celebrant is almost as important as choosing the right partner to step into this with!!! ( ok so maybe not quite!!) So choose won't regret it.

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