Hiya....and welcome to this bit.....I would expect anyone who comes to visit this site to be curious about who I am, so here are some bits and bobs about my journey so far.  Of course the best way to discover who I am is to give me a call... I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  You will see that I have been keeping busy educating myself in my chosen fields (notice I use the plural) - I am a true Multipotentialite - and yes that is a thing!

My early experiences have absolutely carved a way for me to become more empowered as a woman, mother, co-creator, facilitator of healing and friend.  My work has taken many turnings and I have been fortunate enough to be able to bring my gifts through Songwriting, Poetry and Performance, Creating bespoke ceremonies, Supporting Women in Labour, Teaching classic Hatha and Trauma Informed Yoga practice and  Supporting and Coaching Individuals and couples through Intimacy, Empowerment, Deep Healing and Sexuality.  I've been developing and running workshops and circles for Women around the Wisdom of Vulnerability and deep Authenticity. I am a Trauma Informed Yoga Educator   I am an affiliated member of the Yoga Education in prisons Trust. 

Non Violent Communications is always at the core of my life and for years now I have been using NVC,  especially with my 2 girls ( yes i am a very proud mother of  young women) and also in my coaching. 

I have especially gained so much from training to facilitate Zegg Forum with NVC Master Kelly Bryson to support my passionate truth that both learning and healing happen in the body.  Zegg Forum is a communication process that encourages deep empathy and true compassion. I have delivered this forum for a number of communities globally.

 I have a deep passion for the New Culture of Community that is evolving through the development of these incredible practices and  I am looking forward to continually learning and evolving within this New Culture.  I've also been enjoying developing and running workshops

I love to dance, sing, make out, eat crisps till I pop, walk on new ground, support love and connection and play games that keep me in my body. I have studied Cob Eco-building techniques and have built cob dwellings in both California and Panama whilst living in community, which I love.  Co-creating and working towards a group goal with a team of consciously connected individuals  has been a highlight of my life for many reasons.  I am a dual resident in New Zealand where I have lived 10 years out of the last 20  My studies have however taken me to India, The States and Europe.

I was recently producing and presenting  Woman – The Radio Show –  a New Zealand show that supports the desires, needs and passions of Women in Aotearoa.

Being a Bristol celebrant is top of my outputs right now, getting summer weddings fully  back on track in 2022

I am currently writing an Erotic/Spiritual novel called "Love Honestly"....watch this space


Blessings to you all xx

I give thanks to my Teachers who over the years, and still, inspire me…

Michel O’Dent : www.wombecology.com

Kelly Bryson : www.languageofcompassion.com

Jewels Wingfield : www.jewelswingfield.com

Satyananda : www.satyananda.org

Joseph Kremer : www.sexologicalbodywork.com 

Swami Shantimurti Saraswatti : www.ashramyoga.com

Sundog Natural Builders : www.sundogbuilders.net

Shirley Hicks: www.traumasensitiveyogaaustralia.com

Julie Teetsov : www.julieteetsov.com