Emmas training as a Professional Birth Partner continues every time she attends a Birth! Her formal training took place under the guidance of the Visionary and Pioneering obstetrician and Noted Author Michel Odent, through Paramana Doulas, London. Her passionate understanding of the influence of intervention during labour and the primary importance of what Michel calls “Womb Ecology” has greatly influenced not only her own births but the way in which she chooses to emotionally support the Mother during this precious time.

Emma has also birthed two daughters of her own, without medical intervention. Labouring for 52 hours during her first (premature) birth. And giving birth to her second child on the land in Dorset. During these two very different births Emma developed both the wisdom and the understanding of the relationship between Fear and Pain which also contributes to the way Emma offers support prior to the birth.

Please contact Emma directly to discuss these intimate and very personal approaches to support to discuss your needs. Emma works as a Doula in the Wellington Region

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